Saturday, January 10, 2009

Learn about our government

With all the news on our president-elect, Congress and the Senate, I've found myself having some very interesting conversations with my nephews and nieces. Lots of questions about how folks are elected, how laws are made etc. Here are kids websites I access for reference and refreshers. Lots of great e-learning examples - plus quizzes, games and trivia. May spark some ideas for your course development!

Check it out: (U.S. House of Representatives) (White House kids site - I am going to miss Barney!) This site has a number of interactive modules about Congress. Check out How a Member Decides to Vote. In this module students will learn about the various influences that affect how a Member of Congress decides to vote on a bill. In this simulation, each student will become a Member of Congress and will be asked to vote on a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration.

and which will link you to lots of other related sites, including state websites - see if you can pass the citizen quiz.