Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"The Learning eXPLOSION"

"The Learning eXPLOSION" by Matthew Murdoch and Treion Muller will help you with moving corporate training to the virtual classroom. It’s packed with lots of great tips, tips and links. If you are thinking about a blended learning approach or have been tasked with creating virtual classroom events, you will find this book a valuable resource. If you are already using virtual classrooms, I am sure you will still find good information including checklists to make your classrooms run smoother and make training interesting and interactive.

As I read "The Learning eXPLOSION", I found myself highlighting parts, using sticky notes to mark pages and mentally agreeing with the information in the book. My favorite chapters are "The Rule of Overcoming Bias" - how to address and overcome prejudice against virtual classrooms - with really life examples and what to say to leaders and "The Rule of Personal Practice" - especially the list of common technical watch-outs. The website (http://www.franklincovey.com/tc/solutions/books-and-audio/learning-explosion/) has all the action plans from the book for download. This book is worth adding to your library.

ASTD Houston will host a webinar on May 18th with Matt and Treion - http://www.astdhouston.org/en/cev/539. Register and attend for your chance to win a copy of "The Learning eXPLOSION".

Monday, March 7, 2011

MinyanLand - have fun, play games, learn about money

Most virtual worlds have to do with fun and games. MinyanLand, brought to you by the Council for Economic Education,is a virtual community designed to engage students in games and other interactions that are both entertaining and educational. Choosing your own character, you can explore the world for yourself. In this world, students are safe and free to learn and be entertained by the concept of a market. They also learn the basics of economics and finance on a real world level, as the economics system mimics the real-life pricing of general goods and services. Everything you do can be practice for real life. Every action you take will effect the economy as MinyanLand as a whole.

Players must do tasks like staying healthy by eating on a regular basis. They will also get rewarded for behavior such as charitable giving. There is also a journal where you can see what is new in the town.  Families can explore this world together, no matter the economic status or other social factors. It is a great way for them to learn about the operations of our economic system.

Check it out:  http://www.minyanland.com/