Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I'm Reading This Week

ASTD - Best of T+D: BluePrints for Success:
The Best of T+D: Blueprints for Success offers some of the most searched for articles from the highly popular Fundamentals and Learning Blueprint columns. Includes an article on Scenario-BasedLearning.  Some articles are old – but if you missed them, this is a great way to read them in a consolidated format.  Free to National ASTD members.

Our Flag:
Everything you wanted to know about the Star and Stripes.

Facebook and Beyond White Paper:
Effectiveness of a Facebook brand

100 Resources for Interactive Training Designers:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

e-Business Now - Online information for technology-enabled applications

SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small business start, grow and succeed, today announced the launch of e-Business Now, a new website providing small business leaders with "how to" knowledge to successfully use technology-enabled applications. The website provides free on-demand workshops "how-to" guides, connections to technology mentors and more—a full range of tools for learning how to leverage technology to fuel the future success of small businesses. 

Register to access the free training and information.  Workshops are developed using Articulate Presenter.
Check it out:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobile Learning and Social Learning for Sales Readiness - Free Webinar 3/24/11

Thursday, March 24, 2011
10:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM MST | 12:00 PM CST | 1:00 PM EST
Both mobile devices and social media are having a profound effect on how sales training takes place. Traditional methods of sales training include classroom instruction and role playing, supervised calling of prospects, and practice selling with more experienced sales staff. With the rapid growth of social media, buyers are now much more able to communicate with each other and exchange opinions and stories about you as a salesperson, and about the good and bad aspects of your product. This exchange is not happening from a fixed place, but from any location where a consumer is texting or blogging and is inspired to offer an opinion of what or how you are selling. These comments can be amplified by others offering additional comments or passing the information on to others. At the same time, a mobile salesperson is better equipped to answer questions as they are asked, with instant information available anytime, anywhere. Learning to sell requires a new set of competencies that includes blogging, tweeting, and attracting lots of “friends” or “followers.” As well, new technology is being developed that allows live mentoring in the field and the ability to educate potential customers with mobile video presentations in the process of closing a sale. In this one-hour presentation by Dr. Gary Woodill, learn how mobile learning and social media are transforming the world of selling and sales training.

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