Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Army OneSource Virtual World

Explore the new Army OneSource Virtual World and stay connected to Family and friends! This virtual environment allows you to collaborate, learn, socialize, host or attend training sessions, and participate in daily events. By using a customizable avatar, a virtual self-representation, participants can access a variety of Army services by simply exploring the virtual world. Army OneSource programs are also at your fingertips in this three-dimensional environment. The Army OneSource Virtual World was built specifically to serve Soldiers and their Families and features each Army Resiliency in their own virtual region.

As part of Army One Source Virtual World, the Virtual Resiliency Campus offers Community members engaging and enjoyable ways to build strength in the five areas of Resiliency: Spiritual, Family, Social, Emotional and Physical.The Army OneSource Virtual World regions are open to Army Soldiers, staff, volunteers, Veterans, Family and friends. All you need is an existing Army OneSource login!