Monday, October 3, 2011

Monthly free e-book from The University of Chicago Press

About once per month, The University of Chicago Press offers a free e-book. This month's book is "Revel with a Cause: Liberal Satire in Postwar America".  "Before there was Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher, there were Mort Sahl, Stan Freberg, and Lenny Bruce—liberal satirists who, through their wry and scabrous comedic routines, waged war against the political ironies, contradictions, and hypocrisies of their times. Revel with a Cause is their story."

Enter your e-mail address and click "Get E-book." You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to download your free e-book, as well as a link to Adobe’s Digital Editions software, used to display the book.  Once you get the e-mail, click the link in your device to load.

Please note: iPhone, iPod, and iPad readers: You will NOT need Flash. Please visit the download link on your iOS device in Safari. You will be able to open the ebook from there directly, into the Bluefire Reader app.

Check it out: