Friday, May 13, 2011

What is Snap! by Lectora?
Snap! by Lectora is a rapid eLearning PowerPoint plug-in that enables you to use content you’ve created in PowerPoint to deliver a self-paced, interactive Flash presentation that can be easily posted online.  Your Snap! by Lectora course or presentation publishes to a single SWF Flash file that you can post it on the web, to CD, or any other LMS.  Supports AICC and SCORM.
  • Flash – Insert SWF files and publish your course or presentation to Flash .
  • Narration – You can record, import and edit narration. You can also synchronize your audio and animations
  • Video – Record yourself and allow that video to play during your presentation.
  • Web Windows – Include a Web window that the learner can interact with right there in the course or presentation.
  • YouTube Video – Include a YouTube video that plays in your presentation.
  • Quizzes and surveys – Create a quiz or survey with multiple question types. Test learner knowledge right in the sequence of your course.
  • Attachments – Add additional files and links to include more references and resources outside of the course or presentation.
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