Thursday, December 23, 2010

Audio and/or Text Rollover Tooltips for Articulate Presenter

Love the rollover Flash widget for Articulate Presenter from eLearning Enhanced.  Works like a charm and is a bargain at $25.

Create rollover "hotspots" on your Articulate Presenter slides with this Flash widget. When a learner's mouse hovers over a hotspot, this widget will play an audio file, display a text tooltip, or both! Design your slide as usual in Powerpoint/Articulate Presenter, insert "hotspotRollover.swf" onto each slide on which you want to have rollover audio/text tooltip hotspots, then publish. No Flash experience needed. Define as many hotspots on each slide as you want. Just edit the "hotspots.xml" file in any text editor after you publish your course to define your tooltip text, audio file, size, and position of each hotspot.  Create multiple hotspots per slide and have multiple slides with hotspots in a single presentation.

Make sure you read the "Read Me' file and/or watch the demonstration movies before you use the widget.

Check it out: