Friday, September 17, 2010

Be Safe on the Internet: i-SAFE education

Surviving in this day and age is as much about activities in Cyberspace as it is one’s physical health and safety. Even if you are not a regular online user, the Internet may provide information about you or your family to others in areas such as association Web sites newsletters, extended family Web sites, and public directory services. The bottom line is that everyone needs to be aware of the potentials for Internet safety and security problems, and to determine how to limit personal risk. i-SAFE has created a series of instruction especially for adults who use the Internet.

i-SAFE Inc. is a leading publisher of media literacy and digital citizenship education materials and programming with worldwide distribution channels. Founded in 1998 and supported by the U.S. Congress and various executive agencies of the U.S. government,

I found the program, iFifty, to be of particular interest, when teaching my mom about the Internet.  She's almost 80 and is just learning to use the computer. 
Access to the program is free.  There are five options with five different users in mind. Those registered as educators with i-SAFE have the greatest access to view the modules because you work closely with students and parents. Those registered as parents and fifty+ have access to either of those modules since many users fit both categories. However, students are limited to the i-MENTOR Training Network. And the Operation i-SHIELD module is reserved for those in law enforcement.
Check it out: