Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back up all of your Presenter ’09 project files

If you need to send all the files for an Articulate project to another developer or to archive your project, including embedded Engage, Quizmaker and other inserted media files (such as Flash movies), you can use the Send to Articulate Presenter feature. 

The Send to Articulate Presenter Package is an often overlooked feature of Articulate Presenter, mainly because it’s not on the Articulate Presenter Ribbon.
  1. In PowerPoint 2007, click the Microsoft Office button. Select Send - Articulate Package.
  2. The Articulate Presenter Package dialog box opens.
  3. Select the location where you want the package to be created.
  4. You can also specify optional Package Notes, including the project name, the version number, the author of the project with email and other special instructions.
  5. Click Create Package.
  6. A dialog box tells you if the package was successfully created, giving you the option to view the folder with the package files.
  7. The packaged file is a zip file – besides all the project files, it contains a notes page with the Package Notes. It also includes a list of all the files included in the project.
  8. When the other developer receives the ZIP file, they just need to unzip the contents to a folder on their local hard drive.

If all your files are not included in the Articulate Presenter Package, read this article from the Articulate site for help -

Keep in mind that audio, SWFs, attachments, logos, templates and the Engage/Quizmaker files inserted into your slides (these are not your working files) reside in the PPTA file.

If you created external graphics or custom Flash files, these editable source files are NOT included when the Articulate Package file is created. You will need to manually add these files to the Articulate Package afterwards.