Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild and Wacky Friday: Keeps Elderly Drivers Safely Behind the Wheel

CogniFit Senior Driver is an online software program aimed at helping aging adults improve and maintain the cognitive skills that are essential for safe driving. This program provides an assessment and training for 10 key driving-related skills, and can help drivers stay safer into their later years.

“It’s important for the well-being of older people to continue driving because it helps them to remain independent and to maintain social relationships,” says Shlomo Breznitz, Founder and President of CogniFit. “CogniFit Senior Driver can improve the specific cognitive abilities that are most important for safe driving.”

Users train online for 20 minutes a time, three days per week. After the training cycle is completed, a progress assessment is given to provide the user with a progress report and to set training goals for the next cycle. In a matter of weeks, users will notice an improvement in their driving skills. CogniFit Senior Driver also offers an option that can notify the user when their cognitive skills may no longer be sufficient for safe driving.

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