Monday, August 24, 2009

Six Sigma Online Introduces Free Online Video Database

Six Sigma Online, the leading provider of online Six Sigma training, introduced its new Online Video Database.

The Online Video Database is broken into two categories; Six Sigma Videos, located at , and General Business Videos, located at

These databases currently contain videos specializing in all areas of Six Sigma methodology training, as well as general business articles their readers, and now viewers, will find interesting. The video database is updated on a weekly basis with more well-written, current, and well-researched Six Sigma and General Business Videos. The succinct and helpful videos are all around five to ten minutes long, making them enjoyable, and quick to watch. These videos are an addition to an already existing online article database, which contains well over 600 articles, specializing in all areas of Six Sigma methodology and Six Sigma training. While the video database will be updated on a weekly basis, the article database is updated on a daily basis.