Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meeting software

Yesterday, I hosted 2 different meetings - a webinar with folks around the globe (used GoToWebinar) and the first day of my 3-day training class (used GoToMeeting).

I've used both products before - but not to the extent of these meetings. The webinar program worked great - the only problem we had was getting people to register so they got their log in link. The separate link is needed to track individuals during the webinar - you get a nifty report at the end of the webinar. This product is great if you have more than 10 people on the call. Pricing is good - $99/month for unlimited people and calls.

I used GoToMeeting for my class. The only problem we've had is using the USB headset instead of a phone. Had a MAC user who wasn't able to get his system configured correctly.

You can try out either program for free. I will provide info on other web meeting programs later in the week.

Check it out: https://www2.gotowebinar.com/en_US/webinar/entry/entry.tmpl

or https://www2.gotomeeting.com/?Portal=www.gotomeeting.com