Friday, May 8, 2009

Wild and Wacky Friday - WetPaint websites

Wetpaint has created several videos that demonstrate the advantages of Wetpaint over competitors such as freewebs or wikia (in the style of PC vs. Mac)

Check it out:

Consider a WetPaint site as a quick way to build a collaborative learning site. Wetpaint allows the user to very easily set up a free, professional-looking wiki. It provides WYSIWYG editing (that is, you don't have to – in fact, you can't – use code or html), which allows you to simply click into a page and start working. This, and the range of templates available, makes it a perfect wiki for the beginner. Slideshows, photos, and text are easily added, as are widgets such as polls, calendars, and YouTube videos. A sidebar search (and a tag cloud) makes it easy for users to navigate around your wiki, and discussion threads on each page ensure easy communication.