Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stepping into Science: A Second Life Conference

Wondered about how to use Second Life as a learning tool? Or just want to check it out? Attend the Stepping into Science conference on 1/30/09. This day long conference costs $65 and will be hosted inside of Second Life. During this conference, they will talk about and actually visit some of the best and most creative work being done in promoting science in a virtual world environment.

Participants in this conference will enter the virtual world of Second Life to attend presentations and visits simulations. They will open a Second Life account, create an "avatar," or virtual representation of themselves, and attend all sessions in a 3-D environment. Participants will hear presenters speak over their computer speakers, and be able to respond and interact in ways similar to a live conference. An orientation for new Second Life users will be included in the conference fee, and is required for those new to Second Life.

Check it out: